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Starting tomorrow we will have a number of maps loaded onto the site with area call outs. We will not worry about the detailed call outs until we get a feel for our areas of operations and as soon as we get the maps up we will start working on controlling and working as a team. Practices are coming soon and we will first work on teamwork and from there we will learn as a team how to control the maps and game types that will put us on the winning side of things.
OMGimAVERAGE a 4 maps ups and a whole lot more to come. I'll post more tomorrow and also get some games on too.
CthulWho- Sweet!

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OMGimAVERAGE a posted Feb 26, 14
We have some new members joining us tonight so lets keep an eye out for Intro's so we can get them into some games.
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CthulWho-Evidently I cannot connect due to the massive number of people attempting to download the new COD DLC. I cannot even connect to play stuff on my system since my system cannot even verify I have a license to play any stupid game. This is my first major issue with Sony, but I'm going to be on the horn with my project manager tomorrow about this. Stoopid technology!!!
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CthulWho-I don't know what you guys are talking about with lag! Ghosts on PS4 is the first game I haven't had a massive amount of lag on!
CHAVEZ12A   ya at first when I got on got in a game it was going good then a host migration but every game now there some lag spikes an then the ground would lag an start messing up eyes idk if this is happening to rider to but ya lol I have good internet an idk plus im on the cord for connection maybe its the west coast servers or something but just bs
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